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Fast Five game

What is Fast Five?

Fast Five is a quick-fire 6-max cash game where players start with precisely five big blinds. It’s played exactly the same way as a regular cash game except everybody starts with a tiny stack, so the action is always fast and furious!

Why only five big blinds?

The tiny buy-in of just five big blinds means that everyone can afford to play, with the smallest buy-in starting at just 2.50 €.

The fixed buy-in keeps the game fast and fair. Players can’t sneak in with one or two big blinds for a quick hit and run, nor can they sit down with a huge stack to bully others. Fast Five is fair, fast and full of chances to win a ton of chips in minutes!

What’s the difference between Fast Five and normal cash games?

In normal cash games players usually buy in with around 30-100 big blinds, but with Fast Five the buy-in is fixed at just five big blinds – no more, no less. This means everybody at the table is short stacked from the first hand, so get ready for plenty of all-ins! 

What can I win?

You’ll start with precisely five big blinds but after that there really is no limit to what you can win. With everybody so short stacked an all-in is always on the cards, so don’t be surprised if you double or treble up in just a few hands!

Fast Five tables are still cash games which means you can stand up, sit down or sit out whenever you please – the choice is yours.