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Daily Leaderboards

Players who earn leaderboard points by playing POWERFEST events can climb one of two daily leaderboards.

There will be two different Leaderboards:

  • Challenger: Buy-ins under €13 included.
  • Elite: Buy-ins from €13 up to €250.

Click Here to view today's Challenger Leaderboards.

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Here’s what you can get:

Elite Daily Leaderboard
Leaderboard Position Prize
1 €250 POWERFEST ticket
2 €125 POWERFEST ticket
3-4 €75 Championship POWERFEST
5-6 €30 POWERFEST ticket
7 €20 POWERFEST ticket
8-10 €10 POWERFEST ticket
Challenger Daily Leaderboard
Leaderboard Position Prize
1 €125 POWERFEST ticket
2-3 €50 POWERFEST ticket
4 €30 POWERFEST ticket
5 €20 POWERFEST ticket
6-7 €10 POWERFEST ticket
8-25 €5 POWERFEST ticket


Terms and Conditions

  • The Daily Leaderboards start every day during the POWERFEST promotion at 12:00 pm (CET) and end the following day at 11:59 am (CET).
  • Only POWERFEST events will count towards the leaderboards.  POWERFEST satellites do not count.
  • Points will be calculated using the following formula:  10 * (√ (n) / √ (p)) * (1 + LOG (entry fee + 0.25)).
  • Please note that to earn leaderboard points, it's necessary that the player finishes in the money.
  • Please note that 'n' indicates the number of players in the tournament and 'p' your final position. Please note that'√' is the symbol of the square root. Please note that the word "entry fee" refers to the amount of the player's contribution to the tournament prize pool (excluding commission).
  • Points are not transferable from one day to the next.
  • The two ranking levels are set according to the entry fee of the tournament played. Tournaments with an entry fee lower than €13allow you to earn points for the Challenger Ranking and tournaments with an entry fee from €13 to €250 for the Elite Ranking.
  • Players can view their position by clicking the Promotions tab in the software, or on the promotional page.
  • Buy-ins as tickets or T€ will count towards the daily leaderboards.
  • Players can win MTT tickets, as displayed on the promotional page.
  • Unused tickets will not be refunded.
  • Spanish players falling into the categories who are restricted from receiving promotions as established in Royal Decree 958/2020 of November 3rd; will be excluded from this promotion.