Software Updates

Stay up to date with the latest version of the partypoker client software, and learn more about each new feature!

As part of the continual rollout of our updated table, we have made various updates to improve the user experience and to gain parity with the dotcom client. The key features of the latest update include:

Chips / big blind toggle

This useful feature that lets players convert their stack and bet slider, plus all bets and pots into big blind values

Big Blind display

Updated SPINS games

Our popular quick-fire games now enjoy new animations, game messages and multiplier changes, along with dynamically changing floors based on multiplier and a new prizepool indicator located above the table

New table layouts

Oval and racetrack tables themes get new layouts

New table layouts

Updated player plates

Player plates have been visually enhanced by incorporating the avatar and displaying screen names and balance in a larger font, with a new bounty icon also included

Updated player plates

Increased hole card sizes

Hole cards have been enlarged to improve aesthetic appeal

Customisable felt & floor

Players can now select their own felt colour and floor, simply by right-clicking

Player note optimisations

When notes are made an outline appears around the player plate, the colour of which can be customised

Bet slider refinements

The update sees a longer bet slider input field, refreshed buttons and relocation of the time bank to a more relevant location

New card dealing animations

Cards are now fanned out from the centre of the table to each player simultaneously, instead of being dealt sequentially

Digital countdown timer

Player avatars now house a new digital countdown timer

We have also made several enhancements to the tournament lobby to improve the user experience. Here are some of the new features:

Persistent dashboard

This area allows players to expand and collapse between the dashboard and an expanded view of the sub-navigational screen

Digital tournament clock

Here players can view important details as the tournament progresses

Improved player list

The player list now includes rank (position), globe icon and player name (screenname). As the tournament progresses, bounties on individual players’ heads along with chips/prizes info will be displayed

Quick access sub-navigation tabs

These new tabs provide a snapshot view of vital tournament info

Updated title bar

Here the tournament buy-in and tournament ID is displayed

New colours for tournament statuses

This addition serves to enhance the visuals for the player

Position & Stack feature

Position & Stack is a new data point that displays the position and stack of the each player relevant to the field at the end of each hand

Multi-select tournament filters

Now players are able to multi-select multiple tournament filters at once. For example, checking both “POWERFEST” and “Monster Series” will display all tournaments that fall within both categories

Lobby multi-select