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Ready for an upgrade?

Key details:

We’ve completely revamped our graphics, features and gameplay. Now, it’s time for you to try our upgraded table and get a taste of the new partypoker experience first-hand!

These are no ordinary tweaks. We’re talking top-to-bottom changes, influenced by YOUR feedback and ideas. The outcome? Better visuals, easy-to-use features, and heaps more fun at the tables.

Just log in and join your favourite cash games or tournaments on desktop to check out the new table, packed with new features and beautiful graphics.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bigger table & player avatars
  • Improved table graphics & animations
  • Expansive in-the-money (ITM) indicator with detailed mouse overview
  • Improved hand strength display
  • Rabbit Hunt improvements
  • Updated rank dialogues with improved design
  • Improved game sounds
  • Upgraded timebank UI
  • Upgraded note taking & label creation
  • Changes to make throwables and emojis more easily accessible
  • Improved animations for SPINS, dealing hole cards and community cards
  • Access to settings from game table

How will these changes benefit me?

All of our changes were made based on player feedback to give you a more rewarding experience at the tables. That means:

Better visuals

When you’re playing poker, looks matter. Graphics are essential to show you when it’s your turn, how many chips are in the pot, and dozens of other indicators. Plus, slick animation just makes the whole experience infinitely more fun. We feel our new visuals have that magical X factor.

Improved functionality

In the heat of a big hand, you’ll need quick and easy access to vital information. We’ve made it even easier to take notes, examine your ITM indicator, and make use of Rabbit Hunt. Using these tools effectively can improve your results.

Unique features

We’ve added a bunch of cool features, like the all-in and side-pot functionalities (complete with our iconic all-in triangle) which give you that live poker sensation when you’re playing online. We’ve also upgraded throwables, emojis, game sounds and lots more.

And that’s not all! We’re working hard on additional improvements, so watch this space for further updates.

Our new and improved table is available now. Are you a fan of the upgrade?

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