How to Play

fastpoker is poker – just faster


Let’s face it – there’s a lot of waiting around in poker. You get dealt your cards then you have to wait for your turn, even if all you want to do is fold.

That’s why we created fastpoker. It’s exactly the same as regular poker except we’ve cut out all the boring stuff. If you don’t like your cards you can fold whenever you want and instantly be moved to a new table ready to play a new hand.

Check it out for yourself:

Go to ‘fastpoker’ here

Choose how much you want to play for

Or try it for free in the ‘Play money’ tab.

Take your seat and start playing

If you don’t like your cards just hit the forward fold button and you’ll instantly move to a new table for a new hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between fastpoker and normal poker?

fastpoker is exactly the same as normal poker except we’ve made two key changes to really speed the game up:

  • You don’t play at one fixed table with the same players. Instead, you play in a ‘pool’ of players and each time you fold you move to a new table with new players
  • You don’t have to wait for your turn to fold anymore – hit ‘forward fold’ and we’ll instantly take you to a brand new table

What games can I play with fastpoker?

Texas Hold’em.

What does the ‘forward fold’ button do?

It moves you straight to a new table with new players – and ready for new cards.

How many fastpoker tables can I play at once?


How do I sit at multiple tables?

You pick how many tables you want to play at when you first take a seat.

Can I be seated at the same table as myself?

Nope, our software makes sure this never happens. 

Are there any other rules I should know about?

Even if you wait your turn and click ‘Fold’ you’ll instantly be moved to a new table ready to start a brand new hand.

And that’s about it! The only other thing to mention is that standard poker rules apply.